Why Humanities Studies Matter…

…Especially if you’re an English Major. Parents have and always will exert pressure on their children to undertake what are widely considered to be the more practical degrees–business, technology, engineering, science, etc–so that they can attain jobs and possibly even segue into law and medical studies. No doubt these degrees are commendable and no small feats of achievement, but the reasons for hiring humanities majors are growing at a compelling rate. The skill sets that these students acquire throughout their studies are varied and far-reaching, and as a result, can be utilized across innumerable professions. The ability to write, and write well, is a fundamental asset that any hiring manager should be on the lookout for as it indicates that you are able to communicate clearly, effectively, and that those listening can relate. “Former English majors turn up almost anywhere, in almost any career,” writes Verlyn Klinkenborg in the NY Times, ”and they nearly always bring with them a rich sense of the possibilities of language, literary and otherwise.”

In Why English Majors are the Hot New Hires, Bruna Martinuzzi highlights the importance of critical thinking and research skills–skills that humanities majors have in abundance. The ability to synthesize disparate information into a coherent thesis is indispensable. “English majors are taught to deconstruct and analyze a problem, and package their conclusion so others can understand their line of thought. These are highly transferable skills that are vital for the success of a business.”

Empathy is another benefit in the workplace. “There are numerous studies that correlate empathy with increased sales, with the best performing managers of product development teams and with greater efficiency in an increasingly diverse workforce. Empathy is indeed the oil that keeps relationships running smoothly,” Martinuzzi finds. Moreover, “A University of Toronto study on the effects of literature on empathy shows that those who read fiction frequently have higher levels of cognitive empathy; i.e., the ability to understand how another person feels… This improves interpersonal understanding and enhances relationships with customers and business associates. When you hire an English major, you’re likely hiring someone who brings cognitive empathy to the table.”

English Majors, you can breathe a little easier now. Fuel your love of literature with the knowledge that you can bring that passion with you and apply it towards any vocation. And for those who aren’t in the humanities, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few of those courses as electives.

“Writing well used to be a fundamental principle of the humanities, as essential as the knowledge of mathematics and statistics in the sciences,” says Klinkenborg. ”But writing well isn’t merely a utilitarian skill. It is about developing a rational grace and energy in your conversation with the world around you.”

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Choose Your Own Adventure: TED-Ed Career Advice for Students

From the TED blog:

Many of today’s top jobs didn’t exist ten years ago. According to this study from the U.S. Department of Labor, 65% of school-aged students will work in jobs and industries that haven’t been invented yet. Preparing students for their future careers is certainly not the sole purpose of education, but teachers and guidance counsellors do strive every day to empower students in understanding and anticipating their post-graduation-options. But how? How can teachers help prepare students for careers that don’t exist yet? How do guidance counsellors help students understand the jobs that are already available? And how do students, educators or counsellors find out what jobs might be options in the future?

There are many answers to these questions, and schools and education organizations have become increasingly resourceful in developing methods to set students up for 21st century success. However, according to many teachers and students in the TED-Ed community, there’s still work to be done to bridge the knowledge gap between what happens in school and what happens in the modern workplace.

With this challenge in mind, TED-Ed set out to design an interactive, open-ended series that helps young learners find out more about careers they’re potentially interested in … and careers they simply never knew existed.

The series is called “Click Your Fortune.” Read the rest of the article here.

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Worried about finding your class? ClassFind.ca has you covered!

The start of each school year comes with its share of excitement and frustration. Finding where your classes are is not as easy as it seems. Some buildings have very unique layouts with  twists and turns that will make you feel like you are in some sort of corn maze.

Not to worry! ClassFind.ca is here to help guide the way.

This handy tool allow students at University of Western Ontario, Guelph University, Trent University, and Queen’s University to find their classes quickly and easily. They simply select the building they have their classes in and receive step by step instructions (with 1080p pictures) to reach their location.

Here is a quick example:

Let’s say I was a student at Queen’s University and I am looking for my classroom (406) in Goodes Hall.

1. Select your Location
he image of the building will appear below:

2. Select the floor and the room number
Helpful Tip: Usually the first number of the room number corresponds to the floor)

3. Follow the Directions

4. You have arrived!

Now you have reached your destination, with time to spare to go grab a Timmies. But where is the nearest Tim Horton’s? Too bad there is no TimmiesFind.ca :P

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