Worried about finding your class? ClassFind.ca has you covered!

The start of each school year comes with its share of excitement and frustration. Finding where your classes are is not as easy as it seems. Some buildings have very unique layouts with  twists and turns that will make you feel like you are in some sort of corn maze.

Not to worry! ClassFind.ca is here to help guide the way.

This handy tool allow students at University of Western Ontario, Guelph University, Trent University, and Queen’s University to find their classes quickly and easily. They simply select the building they have their classes in and receive step by step instructions (with 1080p pictures) to reach their location.

Here is a quick example:

Let’s say I was a student at Queen’s University and I am looking for my classroom (406) in Goodes Hall.

1. Select your Location
he image of the building will appear below:

2. Select the floor and the room number
Helpful Tip: Usually the first number of the room number corresponds to the floor)

3. Follow the Directions

4. You have arrived!

Now you have reached your destination, with time to spare to go grab a Timmies. But where is the nearest Tim Horton’s? Too bad there is no TimmiesFind.ca :P

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