Choose Your Own Adventure: TED-Ed Career Advice for Students

From the TED blog:

Many of today’s top jobs didn’t exist ten years ago. According to this study from the U.S. Department of Labor, 65% of school-aged students will work in jobs and industries that haven’t been invented yet. Preparing students for their future careers is certainly not the sole purpose of education, but teachers and guidance counsellors do strive every day to empower students in understanding and anticipating their post-graduation-options. But how? How can teachers help prepare students for careers that don’t exist yet? How do guidance counsellors help students understand the jobs that are already available? And how do students, educators or counsellors find out what jobs might be options in the future?

There are many answers to these questions, and schools and education organizations have become increasingly resourceful in developing methods to set students up for 21st century success. However, according to many teachers and students in the TED-Ed community, there’s still work to be done to bridge the knowledge gap between what happens in school and what happens in the modern workplace.

With this challenge in mind, TED-Ed set out to design an interactive, open-ended series that helps young learners find out more about careers they’re potentially interested in … and careers they simply never knew existed.

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