First Nations University of Canada charts path for next five years

From CTV News:

REGINA – The First Nations University of Canada (FNUC) unveiled a plan this morning, charting a path for the next five years following years of financial issues.

“The troubles in the past are the past,” said Lynn Wells, the school’s academic vice-president.

The five-year plan includes more community outreach, and developing new academic programs to meet an expected higher enrollment. The university also wants to attract more students from outside the province and eventually around the world.

But in order to achieve these goals, the dollar signs need to align.

“No post-secondary institution really has guaranteed funding,” said Juliano Tupone, acting president, and vice-president of finance and administration for the school. Financial troubles have plagued the school over the years, with the provincial and federal governments yo-yoing funding from the school.

“At this time, all the signals and information that we’re receiving is that our funding will remain in place,” he said.

The latest blow came last month when Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada announced it won’t renew its lease for its 3,200 square metre office on campus, creating a $1 million dollar hole in FNUC’s revenues.

Subsequently, “We might have to put off some hiring of new staff and that sort of thing, but we can accommodate that loss in lease revenue for some time,” said Tupone.

Jaqueline Anaquod, the president of FNUC’s students’ association, said she was pleased with the plan but would have wanted to see “concrete plans” to address the daycare shortage.

“Eighty per cent of our student population are female, and I’m guessing the majority of those are single mothers,” she said.

A daycare on campus is something first-year nursing student Erica Anaquod said would make things for her significantly easier.

“Having to go to daycare, and then have to drive back, and then get all the way here on time, and then also to find parking and what, so there’s a lot of issues there,” said the single mother.

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